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Are you ready to sell more homes, discover how to make the process easier, find more buyers, negotiate better splits, and get more time back in your life...Lotus Launch Real Estate is your one-stop for building a more successful real estate business. Sign Up Bonus - Top Ten Gifts That Wow

If you want to sell 20 homes or three homes as a side hustle, Lotus Launch Real Estate's on-demand content is perfect for any agent ready to close more deals. Live webinars, interviews with industry experts, tactical training, short-form videos, mastermind podcast, and guides designed to help you close more deals. 

Check out one of our podcast episodes here. In this interview with Caroline Huo, a top producing agent for Keller Williams, she shares insights into how she has built a mega-referral machine.  

Topics on Lotus Launch Real Estate Include: finding sellers, getting buyers, exclusive agreements, negotiation, closing deals, sales, marketing, getting regular leads, increasing your commission, finding the right broker, and more. 

Why Now is the Time to Join Lotus Launch Real Estate

Our introductory price of $37 per month won't last. Lock this price in for life today. With our 100% money-back guarantee, you can be confident in your investment. Courses are short and pack a punch designed to help you increase your business this month. If you are ready to sell more homes this year, it is time to invest in yourself. 

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What to Expect

Short videos to help you grow your real estate business. 

Guides to show you how to implement successful strategies. 

Webinars to teach you cutting-edge techniques. 

Connections to agents from all over the country. 

Mastermind Podcast Series. (See Podcast Episode Above)